Wouter Oomen

Wouter Oomen

The Graduation Show


A group assignment to design the Graduation Show campaign of WdKA.

Every student on WdKA ends their academic period with a big exhibition: the Graduation Show. This exhibition launches their career by inviting the Dutch art and design community to the academy. A campaign to promote this event is needed to get the community to the event.

Georgina Henry, Hannah Kloosterman, Meeuwis Aalberts and Ymar de Jong and I, got the honour of designing the campaign under supervision of Renate Boere and Carmen de Groot. We worked together from beginning till the end. Where we started with experimenting on the art-direction and narrative, until we exported the last Instagram post in InDesign. The whole promotion became a multi-channel campaign with posters, animated banners, podcasts, social-media posts and awards.


To find the art-direction we experimented with lots of different materials. The crazier the better. My focus was mainly to find digital directions. To make the copy strong and visible, we made the word SHOW the centre of the campaign. We created a grid with the letter of the word and used the materials to visualize the student outgrowing the academy.

Due to the corona pandemic, WdKA was forced to create an exhibition without the use of a physical location. For us this meant a drastic change in our process; we had to make quick decisions in the art-direction, work from home and focus mainly on digital promotions.

Walk By Exhibition

One of the solutions for creating the exhibition outside of school was the use of city posters. We dressed Rotterdam with 300 unique posters, one for every student. We made a map so the whole city became a walk by exhibition! I made an animation to promote the event throughout the city.

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