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A font that erases a word for every journalist imprisoned.

The amount of journalists imprisoned grew by 300% since 2000. In 2021 there were 293 journalists imprisoned, that’s 293 perspectives we lost on the critical events they wrote on.

TheErased_.otf is a font family that makes this loss visible by erasing a word every time a journalist ends up behind bars. Together with a website, socials and posters the font works as a platform to keep the public informed about the journalists that get erased.

On World Press Freedom Day we team up with news organizations to make the decline of press freedom visible. We install our font on their websites to confront the public with the erased words and to inform them about the journalists behind these words.

Project together with Erik Hamburger.


293 erased words for 293 journalists imprisoned. The erased words come from the topics they reported on. Such as the military coup in Myanmar, injustice during COVID and the protests for the independence of Hong-Kong. Topics the regime wants to supress. The more we lose press freedom the more words get erased.

China Broadcast Youtube Documenting Eritrea Reforms Facebook Commentator

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Ligatures On

Unfortunately this campaign is (still) hypothetical. But the names, images and words come from real journalist that are imprisoned right now. We found them in the database created by the Committee to Protect Journalist. Please visit their website if you want to know more about the imprisoned journalists.

Thanks for the guidance during this project Marlon von Franquemont, Reinier Demeijer-Gorissen and Kalle Hellzén.

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